Sabo, Britney – Ghost Jars #1



Ghost Jars #1

If I’ve gained any more “expertise” from doing this site for the last 8+ years than I already had from reading comics as a small child before I started this thing up, I’d like to think it’s the ability to tell when I’m looking at a genuinely unique comic.  And this, dear reader, is a genuinely unique comic.  I like a mildly whiny autobio book as much as the next guy, and superhero parody can occasionally be just fine.  This book is neither of those things.  This starts off innocuously enough, as a young girl staying with her grandparents for the summer wanders down to the basement to ask her grandfather for a soda.  It’s a fairly creepy basement, as her grandfather skins animals and mounts them for the neighbors, so there’s an instant sense of unease.  That sense grows when her grandfather doesn’t answer, and the only room down there that he could be is the room with the ghost jars.  What’s a ghost jar?  The sampled page will give you a pretty good explanation, but this is a continuing story so there’s still a lot to be uncovered.  The rest of the story (as I’m going to give as little away as possible) deals with the young girl reluctantly entering the room with the ghost jars and finding out for herself whether her grandparents are crazy to be keeping the things at all.  I think this is posted for free at her website, so if you’re unconvinced you can at least see more bits of it over there.  I try not to get too enthusiastic about first issues, as artists can easily give up on a project for any number of reasons.  Still, if she keeps this up this has all the potential in the world.  I’m not easily creeped out, and this comic made my skin crawl.  No price, but let’s say $2.


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