Update for 12/20/09

New review for Life Meter edited by Dave Roman and containing all sorts of folks.  OK readers, I want some feedback.  I’m looking at a few changes and wanted to get some opinions, so if you come here on a regular basis or just want to throw in your two cents, I’m exploring my options about making the site better and something that I could maybe even make a living off of eventually.  Would advertising alienate any of you?  I’m talking about things like the little Google ads along the side, not the obnoxious popups.  How about some sort of a yearly membership fee, something like $1 or $2 a month?  I’m guessing that one is out, what with all the free content out there and all.  But here’s what I’m really working on: a comic rental process.  It would be just what it sounds like: for a monthly fee anybody who subscribed to it would get comics delivered to their door with a prepaid return envelope in it.  Read your comics (if you wanted to buy any of them that would be made easy as well), put them back in an envelope and I’d send you your next pile when they came back to me.  Full comics on website are fine and all, but I’m trying to keep the actual paper part of comics alive and think that the biggest obstacle to buying comics is the price and not knowing what you’re getting.  Hey, I do this for a “living” and I still won’t buy a $6 tiny mini unless I’m already a fan of the creator.  This would be a means for people to read all sorts of things they’d never get a chance to see otherwise.  Opinions?  Please get back to me at whitey@opticalsloth.com.  Barring some kind of unanticapated legal problem I’m most likely going through with the rental idea, but I really want to know what you all think.  No update tommorrow as I’m going to let this message sit at the top of the page for a while, back to normal on Tuesday.

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