Update for 2/10/10

New review for Robot 13 #3 by Thomas Hall & Daniel Bradford, which isn’t out quite yet but I got a sneak preview because I am awesome so there!  You may have noticed that there’s an ad on the site.  Please click on it as often as you’d like, as there is no simpler, cheaper way to support what I’m doing here.  Between that, the store and the projected rental project I’m hoping to make this little site into a modest living, which would give me more time and resources to talk about comics, so everybody wins!  If you run a little comics company (or a little comic) and would like to advertise here (there will be no pop-ups or those stupid things where something flies across the screen while you’re trying to read), contact me at whitey@opticalsloth.  Then I’ll tell you all about the traffic here (which I’ve been told is pretty good for a small press comics site) and we can figure out rates and all that nonsense.

UPDATE: After reading the fine prints for the ads it seems I’m not supposed to mention them.  Pay no attention to the ads!  But do still contact me if you’d like to advertise on this site.

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