Rubenstein, Kenan – Tick



My apologies if the size of the images are a little off from usual, as I had to get them from Kenan’s website. My scanner doesn’t deal well with comics that are the size of your average calendar. Whatever happened to the ordinary tiny mini comics? Why in my day blah blah blah. This is why it’s impossible to keep a uniform size for all minis: this one needs to be the size of a calendar. It’s a mostly silent tale of a lonely young man holed up in a cabin, trying to work on his art. The time of the year is crucial to the story, as the months are in giant lettering for a good number of the pages. The middle of April has an ominous skull and crossbones, and we get to see the reason for that soon enough. Before all that though, the young boy decides to make a companion for himself, drawing up blueprints for another young man to keep him company. If I go much further than this is an explanation everything will be ruined, and there’s very little I hate more than spoiling a perfectly good comic. As a whole, it’s a thoroughly gorgeous comic about loneliness, the passage of time and attention to detail. And probably a bunch of stuff that flew right over my head. It’s a bit pricey at $8, but you did catch the part where I mentioned that it was gorgeous, right?

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