Rubenstein, Kenan – On The Beach



On The Beach

Huzzah, finally a book that flips open where you don’t need an instruction manual to follow the story!  OK that’s probably overstating the case a bit, but it seems like whenever I see a mini that folds open and progresses that it takes some serious effort to keep up.  In this case there’s the tiny cover (the sample is just about actual size), then you open it, then fold up, then open again, then up again for a huge spread.  Well, it feels huge when the pages are getting progressively bigger.  This is the brief story of Kenan and his history with a nude beach, starting with his first time going there as a kid to trying to go back there with a far too attractive female friend.  I say “far too attractive” because, well, that sort of thing can cause problems for males at a nude beach.  Slight awkwardness and all, Kenan clearly loved the experience and appreciated how nude beaches are not, in fact, full of naked Playboy models, just regular people, only naked.  It’s a great story, Kenan has a clear mastery of drawing naked people and I just plain dig how the whole thing unfolds.  Crap, was that a pun?  Oof, sorry.  Worth a look, I can’t imagine this is more than $1…


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