Anderson, Chris – Everything #2


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Everything #2 (with Mark Hensley)

I can’t tell you how happy I am to discover that this is an ongoing series.  Oh, I knew there was a second issue, I just figured that it would be a completely different story, as how could they follow up that first issue?  Quite capably, as it turns out.  Things start off this time with you trying to relax (still in your ankylosaurus form) after a successful concert.  Naturally, there’s too much action in your life for relaxation to be successful, and somebody takes a shot at you.  The bullets, however, are liquid bullets, and you know exactly who tried to kill you.  This leads you to seek out Dr. Jambo, as he can tell you what the story is behind your amulet.  Still, you have to make it to him, and the people hijacking the plane have their own plans.  Again, this is the first half dozen pages or so of the story, and again, I can’t bring myself to spoil much more.  OK, a few more things: your father (Mike Tyson) returns from the future to settle the score, and you also go into the internet.  Physically, that is.   I forgot to mention in the last review that Chris and Mark are taking requests, as this is the comic that has everything, so any suggestion you send along may very well be in the next issue.  And oh, there will certainly be a next issue if that cliffhanger is any indication.  There’s still no price, I still think $2 sounds about right, and I still think that if any rich people are reading this they should give them $2000 instead in exchange for them making more of these forever and ever.

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