Aulisio, Pat – Pat Makes Drawings #2



Pat Makes Drawings #2

Here’s hoping that Pat keeps up this business of making drawings, because he sure has a knack for it.  The images in this issue were consistently remarkable, to the point where I’m going to ramble about them in bit of detail, so be warned.  First, the cover is full color (obviously), and he takes advantage of that fact on the inside cover but, as you probably wouldn’t believe me if I told you that it was a drawing of flowers, I won’t mention it.  Then there’s another solid page of color in the middle, which means that there’s a full color centerfold.  Much as I hate tearing apart comics I might just have to pull this one out and put it on my wall, as it’s a smorgasbord involving what appears to be a sun (vomiting geometric shapes), a creature wooing a snake monster, clipped images of people dancing and laughing, and a hollow giant.  Or something like that.  The other color images are of a hairy man and his boombox and a jam session involving Teen Wolf, Mr. T and E.T.  He could have just left the rest of the comic blank and I would have been happy, but wait, there’s more!  You have the summit of the kings, elephant pants, flower eyes, a fire creature reaching the top of the mountain, and the Creature From The Black Lagoon sharing a tender moment with his child.  That still leaves plenty for you to discover, and I once again thoroughly enjoyed a comic without much of a coherent story.  That’s still a rarity, so it should at least slightly stand out.  No price again, but with the color pages I’m guessing $4 this time.


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