Aulisio, Pat – Untitled




This is a collection of some of Pat’s shorter pieces and also includes Quotidian, which I reviewed ages ago and it’s way, way at the bottom of this ridiculously massive page.  Short recap for today: I don’t remember it being nearly that, for lack of a better term, fucked up.  I’d also swear that he either cleaned up the art a bit or he was better than I thought at the time, as the story really looks amazing.  Tons of small details that I either didn’t see the first time through or have since forgotten because of the ravages of age.  Other than that the short pieces include the joys of crossing the streams, the matter of perspective when it comes to giant creepy monsters, and how it’s always best to lull a creature into complacency before bashing its head in with a rock.  Quotidian also comes across after those short pieces as being something of an epic, what with the love story, fighting off evil monsters and starring in a rock band.  I liked it just fine as a stand alone comic (back then Pat was mostly doing comics with all kinds of stories), but these little pieces really serve to contrast that story.  It’s probably worth picking up even if you already read Quotidian, and I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess most of you missed it the first time around.  No price, but what with that fancy cover I’d say it’s at least $2.


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