Aulisio, Pat – Pat Makes Drawings #1



Pat Makes Drawings #1

Quick, what’s this comic about?  Yes, this is the case where the title gives it all away, although technically that title could apply to every comic ever made.  This isn’t a sketchbook though, as all the drawings in here are of higher quality than your average sketches.  Pat starts off with drawings of cute animals (although he can’t help but put odd things on them) and moves on to kinky sluts.  From here he has some regular old comic stories, dealing with two creatures walking on an indescribable landscape and talking religion, the strip I sampled below (and that “thumbs up” made my day), and the eternal question of whether that is, in fact, a banana in your pants.  Throw in a few more drawings towards the end (which I’m keeping a mystery, as why not save a few surprises?) and voila!  It’s a comic.  Oh, I almost forgot the best part: the post-breakup letter to an ex (no idea if this is really Pat’s letter but I doubt it) that descends into madness involving mandatory metal teeth for all.  His drawings have gotten a lot cleaner over the years, but he’s managed to hold onto that overall sense of unreality and insanity that suits his stuff so well.  If you’re one of those comic readers who prefers all stories, all the time (like I usually do), there are plenty to choose from on this page, including a few things I still have left in the store.  If you’re just a fan of his stuff there’s more than enough in here to make it worthwhile.  No price, so let’s say $2.


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