Ayo – 80 Gun #1


80 Gun #1

Why aren’t there any political comic books? Or, for that matter, any comics at all that deal with events going on in the world, our place in it and where it might all be headed? Sure, there are plenty that are focused on where individual people are headed, and plenty more that are about characters who point you to lessons about the world in general, but where the hell are all the comics about the world? Sorry to go off on a rant there, but I was just curious. There are two stories in this one. The first is a story ostensibly about food and what happens to it every step of the way (getting it, eating it, digesting it), although it also veers briefly into how the US is capable of handing out food while we’re bombing the people who are eating it. The second story deals with television and the time-wasters that come with it, and how we can’t escape it in almost anything we do these days. If either of these sound overly preachy, somehow that’s not how they come across, which is the mark of a pretty successful piece of art, in my book. The writing and the art are sparse and effective, making this a pretty quick read, but something that sticks in your brain. Here’s a website with a little more info, I also have a few other books from this guy and I can’t wait to read more, as I was thoroughly impressed with my first look…

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