Ayo – Little Garden #1


Little Garden #1

Here’s another one of those minis where it’s too short to get much more than a simple impression of the book, or at least that’s my cop-out way of dealing with writing a review of it. From the sample you can see that there is a few words of text on the left side and an image on the right side pretty much all the way through, dealing with working in the garden, stealing and playing. It doesn’t come together as much of a linear story in my mind, more like a series of postcards with the same characters on them. Here’s hoping that makes sense to somebody besides me. It’s too tiny to say much about without just repeating the whole thing here, but I will say that if you like his other book (like me), then you’ll probably like this one (like me). If you haven’t seen his other book, well, then just check that one out first and then come back for this one, if you want my advice. If you don’t, then why are you still reading this? Website is up there, this one is $1…

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