Ayuyang, Rina – Namby Pamby #1


Namby-Pamby #1

So is it best to start out negative and then point out the positive things, or vice versa? First off, I’m really curious to see #2. There was a lot of potential here and she can tell a story that keeps me interested. It’s just… well, the art is incredibly sloppy at times. I can’t complain too much about that for her first time out of the gate, but I can offer a few words of advice. I don’t know that much about copiers, but this would have been better served with darker copies, or perhaps without so much of the background filled in. It looks like she used watercolors of something and then copied it, which looks awful. The art beneath that is kind of cute, it’s just hard to see it. As for the stories, they held my attention. The first one, Counter Help, was interesting, but it was also the sloppiest visually in the book. House of Horrors, about her and some friends volunteering to work in a haunted house, was a great story, no problems there. That one filled up most of the book, leaving room for the mostly forgettable (and very short) Grin and Bear It and Here, There. Far from terrible, but nothing that sticks in my mind. So, overall, I’d say give her some time to grow as an artist.  She was possibly experimenting with a style with this one, I don’t know, but she can be a pretty good writer. E-mail her for subscription info (see, only people who are dedicated offer subscriptions, right?).

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