Ayuyang, Rina – Namby Pamby #2


Namby Pamby #2

Psychodelic scanner, go! Sorry, it doesn’t look that crappy, although the watercolor things still kind of bugs me, but it’s more because of its effect on the lettering than anything else. Really smudges it up and makes it hard to read, but the art is actually growing on me. This one is a lot quieter than the first issue. The bulk of the book is stories about diners and the people that eat at them, night after night. It’s the kind of thing that easy to forget if you don’t have a regular eatery of your own and can make you reminisce big time about high school, where a crappy place like Denny’s became a home away from home at times. She’s got some talent, that’s for sure. A little bit more work with the lettering and this could have been a really beautiful book, but it still looks pretty nice. No subscription info this time so maybe she’s backing off a little bit, but here’s hoping she keeps it up. The comics world can never go wrong with another quiet, meditative voice, contact info is above to see what else she has available or you could just go to her website

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