Baillie, Liz – My Brain Hurts #4

My Brain Hurts #4

Note: this is premiering at SPX this year, which is October 13th and 14th for those of you lucky enough to have a functioning car, free time and enough money to get there. If you don’t, I’ll bet this will be available at that website up there soon enough. This one focuses almost exclusively on Kate, as Joey is still in a coma. This time around she’s getting stalked by one of the guys who beat up Joey and trying to come to terms with being an open lesbian in public, even though all of the other high school kids already make fun of her for it. Great stuff again, unless you’d rather be as far away from the world of high school as possible, which is a legitimate position to be in. The art’s still great, there was some major character development and it ended on quite the cliffhanger, so no complaints here. $3

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