Barnett, Lauren – A Story About Fish



A Story About Fish

Is it possible to break the category of mini comics down into even minier comics?  If that’s the case this would fall into the latter category, as it’s only 8 pages long with one image per page.  It’s still a fun story, and probably one of those ones you can relate to if you’ve ever won goldfish at a carnival.   After all, you suddenly have a pet and a responsibility to keep them alive, even if fish are pretty low maintenance.  Lauren and another person (judging by her use of the word “we”) won a couple of fish at a carnival.  The story ends tragically, if you’re hyperbolic enough to think that the death of goldfish represents a tragedy, but if I get much more into it the whole tiny comic will be ruined.  I’ll just say that I loved her imagined last “screw you” from the fish as they were flushed into oblivion and leave it at that.  Maybe you should pick this up with her other book about pancakes, as it would make a nice bookmark for the other comic.  $1


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