Barnett, Lauren – I’d Sure Like Some Fucking Pancakes



I’d Sure Like Some Fucking Pancakes

If there were prizes just for titles, this thing would win a very hefty trophy from me.  Or from some official comics organization, if there was any justice in the world.  Well fine, it has a great title, what about the comic?  Good news on that front too.  This is a nice pile of short pieces, and I hate to have to point this out, but I should reward the people who get this right as much as the one’s who can’t manage it: no spelling errors or production problems!  Kudos.  This issue starts off with one of the more convincing “please read this” that I’ve ever seen, as she acknowledges right off the bat that anybody she sent this to is basically obligated to look at it.  Hey, with a title like that, I would have looked at it anyway.  Stories in here include a list of things she worries about (I particularly enjoyed the sampled page for her unwillingness to draw any of the things that really terrify her), a bird losing its feathers and its life without them, a list of likes and her “the grass is always greener” syndrome, a creepy dream where a dog turns into a fat kid, a short piece about how pancakes and grilled cheese are always better if somebody else makes them due to the hassle involved, and a lovely tale about her killing a unicorn.  I feel obligated to point out that science has found a way around the pancake problem, as there are now little containers where all you have to do is put some water in it, shake it up and voila!  Batter.  It also turns into a very odd goo if you leave it in your refrigerator long enough.  Anyway, this is a pretty great comic, one that manages the difficult task of living up to that title.  Check it out, why don’t you?  $2


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