Basinger, Clint – The Cosmic Norseman #1



The Cosmic Norseman #1

Once again, I’m torn about a comic.  I know it’s a shocker, but bear with me.  I thoroughly enjoyed the Backseat Drivers series that involved the Cosmic Norseman and other assorted heroes, mostly because of its ridiculous plot and nonsensical hilarity.  That and it had an air of mystery, as all these heroes (and were they all really heroes?) were working towards something.  The first issue of this series is mostly about probably the most interesting character of the bunch getting into a series of unconnected cosmic battles.  Granted, the sight of the Norseman defeating a Voltron-like convergence of space brains with a cosmic sloshmo (causing brain freeze) was hilarious, but it seems like there’s more potential to this character than a series of random fights.  How about a longer story?  Randomness has a place in longer stories too, you know, and there’s also time there to get to know some characters.  All that said, clearly this isn’t a bad book, and there’s more than enough here to recommend it on its own.  It’s just that I occasionally get called out for not putting enough specific criticisms in these rambling reviews (which I’m sure comes as a shock to anyone reading this), so I’m asking for a coherent storyline, with something like this issue coming along every so often to serve as a break.  The fight scenes in here include the Norseman fighting the Martian Were-Moose, Spacesquatch, and Peanut Butter Squid, with a large chunk in the middle dealing with his hero team (the Backseat Drivers, as you can clearly see if you scroll down the page) fighting some robotic chickens.  Is this last one taken right from the pages of the other series or is it new material?  I haven’t read the whole series so I don’t know if it was, but if so… for shame, tsk tsk and all that.  So I’d say check out the other series first and then come back here if you’re craving more Cosmic Norseman.  $3.50


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