Beland, Tom – True Story Swear to God #2


True Story Swear to God #2

Tom makes the jump to color covers and self publishing with this series. Look, I’m going to give it my all here to be as unbiased about this as possible. This series is about Tom falling in love with the woman who is now his wife, and there are two frames of mind in which you can read this comic: being in love yourself or not. I’m not right now, so this is all a little too syrupy for me. It’s kind of like watching two people make googly eyes at each other for two issues (so far). If and when I fall in love again, I’ll read this again and tell you all how my opinion has changed. Until then, stay away unless you are the most romantic person in the world. On the bright side of things, his weekly comic is getting better and better all the time. This is, to me, not a big enough story to make into a graphic novel, and that’s obviously what he’s doing with it. Again, I like to think that I wouldn’t like this even if I was in love, but I know better than to say for sure that that would be true. Eh, buy the first one, if you’re really curious. Actually, if you’re lucky enough to find it in a comic store, just read part of it there. You should know pretty quick if it’s something that you’ll be interested in or if it will drive you crazy. All the contact info is the same as above, and there are a few more issues of his mini (you know, the one that collects his weekly strip and goes by the same title, confusingly enough) out there too.

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