Beland, Tom – True Story Swear to God #4


True Story Swear to God #4

Remember how I said in the last issue that this series would be more than a little bit too cheezy for people who aren’t in love? Well, some time has passed, a few things have changed for me, and (get ready for too much personal information) I’m in love with someone these days. I say that not for you all to send me e-mails saying “Awww…..”, I just wanted to point out that my perspective on the series has changed. Combine with the fact that the girl I’m in love with lives 4 hours away from me, and I can certainly relate to the long-distance relationship thing going on here. This issue is all about Tom going to Puerto Rico to visit his future wife. Is it still cheezy? Well, kind of, but it’s also pretty accurate. Things get sappy real quick these days, so these books of his make a lot more sense.  And he’s putting these out on a regular basis, so he’s got that going for him. What can I say, my impression of this guy is improving all the time, and it wasn’t that bad to begin with. It was fascinating to find out that he originally did this just for himself and only decided to publish it after the fact. It’s incredibly personal at times but it’s also funny as hell at others. If you wait a few more issues you can probably just buy the graphic novel, but these work pretty well as self-contained issues. Check it out.

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