Bertino, Mike – Trigger #3


Trigger #3

Mike’s e-mailed me a couple of times now, telling me that Western Galaxy was something that never should have left his town and that he has something available that he’s much more proud of: Trigger. I don’t know, I didn’t think Western Galaxy was so bad, but Trigger is a whole lot better. It’s the story of a superhero called Everyman who’s being stalked by at least one person for reasons unknown. The first three issues are just setting this whole thing up, so I thought it was OK to just review one of them for now. I should point out that the first two issues do have short pieces too while this one is all about the main story. Anyway, it’s a compelling, if still somewhat confusing, concept. There are little clues left all over the place and I can’t wait to see if it really does all make sense. I think his art’s gotten better too, really solid stuff. The only thing I can complain about is one of my pet peeves of all small press comics, and that’s the whole “spelling and grammar” thing. Maybe if people just typed the dialogue on something that had a spell-check if they’re not sure of a word, I don’t know. Anyway, this series is definitely worth a look. They’re $2 each, contact info is above, unless you just want to e-mail him and see what he has around…

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