Bertozzi, Nick – Boswash



Once again, I’m torn. The concept for the packaging of this book is pretty interesting. It’s kind of like a fold-out map type of thing, numbered so you don’t get lost or anything. My copy is already ripped from my trying to zig when I should have zagged while unfolding it. Xeric helped to make this one possible, I think. The story itself didn’t do much for me. A man has a disagreement with his superiors about the boundaries in a war and gets himself “arrested”. That’s the easy, non-giving away explanation anyway. My problem with this was that there just wasn’t any background on any of the characters, so it was hard to care about the guy who was in danger of losing his life. There just wasn’t enough space here to make this good. Still, I’ve heard all kinds of good things about this guy, and he has samples up on his page of all kinds of comics. Give him a chance, just don’t get this issue. I’m planning on finding some more small stuff before I give up on this guy.

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