Bertram, Jack – Zine 55 #1


Zine 55 #1

OK, I’ll admit it, I mostly got this comic for the cover. Come on, look at that and tell me it’s not funny. The inside is a little less funny, but still solid overall. It starts with a meandering piece about… um, his life, and filling up panels. Works a lot better when he’s working on self-reflection than it does when he’s commenting on his inability to fill panels, but that only lasts for a page. Then you have a couple of sketchbook pages of his trip to the dentist, followed by Baby Floot Poot, a large baby who destroys everything in its path in humorous fashion. Over-the-top slapstick, not really my favorite type of humor but done pretty well here. Then there’s a story about toast and a couple more random pages, and there’s your comic. I liked the ramble in the start of the book too, as he said the only reason he did it because he always liked it when other people talked about themselves. E-mail him to get a copy or see what else he has, it’s pretty cheap at $1.

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