Bertram, Jack – Life-Like Tales #1


Life-Like Tales #1

Did I say the word “meandering” in the last review? Well, I’m going to say it again. This is a meandering tale about Jack going to a wildlife refuge. It’s a bit weak right off the bat. He does mention he did a large part of this without even thinking about publishing it, and it shows. Luckily for all of us the book changes completely once he gets out in the wild. It’s just him remarking on little things that are happening, and it’s really a great piece of work. There’s not really much of an ending here, which suits the book just fine. There’s a complete lack of pretension here that saves the book. It would be easy for him to go out there and make all kinds of pithy comments, but instead he just goes out there and draws stuff, while making a few asides. Well worth a buck. Contact info is up there, as far as I can tell most of his comics are only $1, so you could probably get a chunk of them if you sent him a five or something…

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