Binderup, William – Blues-O-Rama


Blues-O-Rama (written by RR Schuler)

Who loves old blues music? I’m talking about the old scratchy recordings or people from the 20’s and 30’s here. This is a comic about two of those people. The first story, done entirely by RR Schuler, is about Robert Johnson. Robert had a tragically brief career, as he made too many enemies going from town to town and sleeping with various girlfriends and wives of other men and ended up dying in agony days after being poisoned. The second story is about Lightnin’ Smith and the tale of the night another young man came in and tried to upstage the old timer. I hadn’t heard of Lightnin’, but any information about Robert Johnson is a wonderful thing as he left such a small amount of music behind and so little is known about the guy. A great comic if you know of either one of these people, or if you’re just curious about where blues as a genre really came from.

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