Birchall, David – Extricate #9



Extricate #9

If there’s one reason that I’m most likely going to be doing this website (or some version of it in the far distant, unimaginable future) for as long as I’m able to type and convey mildly coherent thoughts about comics, it’s the fact that I get random comics in the mail.  No way that would ever happen if I was just some guy who liked comics.  This one comes from Manchester in the UK (and if the date of 1/28/09 on the letter was correct, kudos to the postal service for getting it here so quickly), and it’s in color with two stories.  Well fine, when I say “color” I mean “one color per story”. First up is “This Is Another Good One For An Acid Freakout”, the loopy and disconnected tale of a man trying to remember the perfect thing to say to cause anybody taking acid to freak out.  From some of the profoundly psychedelic imagery in here I’d say David and the guy he was talking to were on some serious drugs, or possibly that’s just the mood David was trying to convey and I’m interpreting things too literally.  Wouldn’t be the first time.  The second story is “The Oracle At Delphi”, the tale of David and his girlfriend (?) hitchhiking away from Delhpi and the people they meet on the ride.  The art is a looping, whorling mess of confusion, which is odd given how mundane most of the events in here are, but fitting when you think about trying to portray the faces of people you knew only briefly.  The fact that this is #9 of a series is instantly encouraging, as David has stories to tell.  Also, as far as websites go I generally just post the link above the comic and trust people to find it on their own, but in this case you should make a special trip and be sure to check it out.  David essentially has a resume up there if you’re curious about him personally, and he lists an impressive body of work.  It could stand a few more samples though, as I have to at least say one negative thing here.  Not sure on the price, but I’d guess around $5.


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