Black, Steve – Four Play #1


Four Play #1

OK, Steve says right on the front cover that this is an experiment in progress, basically, so I don’t feel too bad about giving him some advice. Not that that’s ever stopped me before… First off, learn spelling, grammar and punctuation. That shouldn’t be something that I have to point out to a lot of people, but it seems like most people don’t know the basic rules. There are plenty of people who will put down your mini in the middle of it if they think that you only have a tenuous grasp of the language. Second… well, OK, I guess that was my main problem. There are four stories in here. The one with the bathtub toys was kind of cute, the racing story was interesting even if it made very little sense, the song with Mr. Lipschitz seemed like an excuse to say “Lipschitz”, and the story with the birds lost me completely. Hey, it’s an experiment, he’s learning what not to do. I can respect that. This book is a couple of years old though, so here’s hoping that he didn’t give up after his first book. Send him a dollar if you’re curious at: 518 E. Town St. Apt. 311 Columbus, OH 43215.

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