Blair, Matt – Midville High #4



Midville High #4

Raise your hands: who was in the band in high school?  OK, put your hands down, I can’t see you and you probably feel ridiculous enough if you actually raised your hands.  This comic is all about being in a high school band, so I automatically can’t relate much.  I can, however, recognize a good story when I see it.  This one is all about Kyle, as things start with his section of the band being given extra practice time every day (we learn later that it’s only because Kyle sucks) and Kyle, instead of taking the opportunity to actually learn the bass clarinet, decides to forge his mother’s signature on his practice sheets.  His fellow band mates see right through him, and so does the band leader, a man with a hook AND an eye patch.  On the rare occasions that a character has both of these deficiencies, I automatically assume that it’s because they’ve jabbed out an eye with their hook.  Utterly irrelevant to the story, that’s just where my mind wanders.  Anyway, a tutor is enlisted, much practice occurs and if I say much more I’ll ruin the whole comic.  As you can read the whole thing for free on his website I’m probably not giving too much away, but I have my own code on these things.  So you have a funny and unexpected ending to go along with the good chunks in the middle.  It probably would have been better if I’d been in a band in high school, but I’m sure plenty of you can relate and it was a good story all by itself.  It’s $1 and there are samples a’plenty at his website.


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