Bliss, Pam – Kekionga Bug Book


Kekionga Bug Book

I’m honestly surprised that there is only one review up on this page. I know I have more of her older minis, it’s possible that I read them before I even started this page, otherwise there’s no reason I haven’t reviewed more than one of her pile o’ comics available. Either way I haven’t been keeping up with her stuff lately, so it was a surprise to me that she had decided to make her own world and have it more or less continue through a series of minis (this one is labeled as #19). Hey, it’s better than a string of completely random minis… unless they’re intended only for comedy (like Sean Bieri with Jape). Bugs are the theme for this one, as you may have guessed, and it’s split up into two parts. First up is “Soup” Swann getting a new work truck. The design is based loosely on a grasshopper, you see. Next up is a mysterious man in black who (through an interpreter) demands a caddis worm, and needs the local werewolf librarian to get it. As a stand-alone issue this didn’t do much for me, frankly, but it’s hardly fair to say that about something that’s at #19 when this is the first one I’ve seen. There’s all kinds of room here for interesting back stories for these characters, and I’ll bet plenty of that information has already been established in back issues. Like what exactly is that thing on the cover? A werewolf librarian? And who was that man in black? Possibly all things that have already been dealt with, but they remain mysteries to me. Unless there’s a collection available the casual reader might be a little lost here, but I’m willing to give her the benefit of the doubt from her last graphic novel that anybody who digs into this world will be rewarded. $2

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