Bliss, Pam – Kekionga Mini Works #24



Kekionga Mini Works #24

Sorry, but I’m way too lazy to type out that whole title.  I’m sticking with her hidden (on the back cover, anyway) numerical system for these things.  This is, as the title would suggest, a collection of pretty crappy werewolf jokes.  Hey, she comes right out and admits it on the cover, and after reading this I can’t put up much of an argument.  Check out that sample, they’re all pretty much like that, with the slight exception that I didn’t even recognize some of them as jokes.  Those are probably the ones that’ll come to me in a few minutes or hours (or days, or years…) and make me groan.  I’m not going to go over these one by one, as if you’re the type who likes pun I wouldn’t want to ruin anything.  I don’t mean this to sound like I’m trashing Pam, as the art is gorgeous as always and I have nothing but respect and admiration for all she’s done for small press comics.   It’s just that this is one awful, awful pile of jokes.  To see her at her best pick up, oh, ANY other mini comic she has lying around, or do yourself a favor and get that collection listed at the top, as that is a wonderful thing.  This one is only for fans of the pun and/or masochists.  No price, so… $2?


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