Bogart, Craig – The Secret History of the Ineffables #1


The Secret History of the Ineffables #1

Oh sure, get a few issues and a graphic novel into a series and then start throwing in mini series to get me all confused. I don’t mind a bit getting to see what this group was like in the early years, as it remains a fascinating concept for a team of superheroes and in this issue we get a taste of the founding members. Just a taste though, I’m guessing the next issue will flesh them out a bit. And is that the end of this series or does this start the series over? Many questions, few answers, and that website doesn’t clear things up at all. In this issue a group of a radical animal rights group frees Schodinger’s cat and the dead start to return to terrorize the living. Not zombies though, just ghosts, spirits and skeletons. Strategy is discussed, old, dead members are contacted, and we’re left with the promise that everybody dies in the next issue. Oh, and that they come back. If that doesn’t get your curiosity up, well, I don’t know what will. $2

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