Bogart, Craig – The Ineffables #2


The Ineffables #2

When does a comic cross the line between being too stupid for words and so stupid that it’s hilarious? This one stomps all over that fine line. I’m not going to ruin what the main villain is because that’s the core of my confusion, but I will admit to laughing out loud at least twice during this, so it’s impossible to say that it’s all bad. The issue starts off with an invasion by what appears to be a government source, and they appear to be heading towards a secret government base. Sounds cliche, I know, but Craig manages to keep it fun. We also get to see the character fleshed out a little more, although I was hoping it would start leaning away from a superhero group rather than embracing it fully. And Mason reminds me almost too much of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman, although maybe I’m just being paranoid. Good signs and bad signs in this one, I think I’ll have to wait for #3 to be a tie-breaker.

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