Bougie, Robin – The Ex Revenge Project


The Ex Revenge Project

This goes about my “policy” of not dealing with zines (there are too many comics in the world for me to get to, nothing personal to zines (if they were a person, that is)), but this is just too good to pass up. Robin, not really sure what was going to come of it, decided to ask people for their breakup stories and compromising pictures of exes. Or, in other words, free porn. What followed was apparently a deluge of e-mails and images, all from men, all looking for Robin to spread these images as far and wide as possible in the hopes of hurting these women. So what Robin ended up doing was putting snippets (or whole e-mails) in this book, with the names and addresses removed, and with drawn representations of the images instead of the actual images to protect the people involved. If you’re looking for the better side of humanity, the one that’s willing to forgive and forget and always wishes the best for their ex, this is absolutely the wrong place to go. There’s no denying how fascinating some of these stories are though. Some guys don’t even say how they broke up (most guys, actually), they just detail the most lewd things they can think of that the girl did in bed, sometimes with pictures, and practically beg Robin to post the whole thing all over the place. I’m not going to go into the individual stories, because if you’re interested in this sort of thing in any way you’re already over at Poopsheet ordering it. Same deal with samples, as it’s text on one page and the image on the right, and that text would come out as tiny in a scan. For better or worse, it’s a unique piece of work. $3

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