Brown, Julian – Power Ballad #3


Power Ballad #3

One of my favorite things about doing this website is finding great new talent. Julian’s last book was great, but there was no contact info and I didn’t hear anything about him for years, and believe me when I say that I looked (online, at least). So when I got this comic in the mail, it was a happy day. That and now this page has actual content info (at the end of the review), so it’s not purely decorative. This comic is different from the last one in that it doesn’t seem to be as blatantly autobiographical, although there seems to be definite elements from his life. In here are stories about traveling, living in his car, random sex at a youth hostel, another roommate, rants about music and the movies, lucid dreaming, the L, an art club, late night at the diner, and protests for the war in Iraq. The last issue is kind of hazy, frankly, because I read it so long ago, but this seems even better than the last one. Here’s hoping that it doesn’t take as many years for #4 to come out. In the meantime, this comic has something for everybody and I could see this guy being famous (at least in the comics world) in a few years if he manages to put a few comics out. Here’s an e-mail address, this is $2!

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