Buechler, Adam – Humpday



Dear comics creator: would you like to receive a positive review at this website? Put some zombies in your comic! OK, maybe it’s not THAT easy, but I can’t think of a zombie-related comic that I hated. This is one of those zombie stories set in the future, after the zombies are completely out of control and people are just trying to get by. There’s a great twist in this one though: they’re tourists. This comic deals with a couple of guys, called Dog Catchers (although there are no dogs around), who are tasked with taking care of the domestic zombie population. They have to stay away from the foreign zombies though, or risk an international incident. Why other countries would care if their zombies were killed is beyond me, but if you can get past that tiny thing this comic is a blast. The people of the future seem to be doing quite well with this problem, even managing to construct a giant robot dinosaur, among other things to keep the actual people safe. Oh, and it looks gorgeous, same as the last comic of his that I saw. Well worth seeking this one out, as it’s a decent little human story even without all the zombies. Again I have to guess on the price, and again I would guess $3…

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