Busque, Angelica – Morning Star #1


Morning Star 1

After reading so many mini comics they can all start to look derivative. This guy read too much Kochlaka, this other guy read too much Evan Dorkin, and this woman read too much John Porcellino, if such a thing is possible. Look, if you’re going to imitate anybody for a comic, he’s one of the best people out there to pick. But… there’s already a John Porcellino out there. This book has a story that ends with the trademark “Drawn on 0/0, Happened 0/0” thing from all the King Cat books and even has a random list of things that she likes. It’s a shame that I spent so much time looking for comparisons to somebody else here, because it looks like her own work could be pretty good. She has a very unique style of scratchy lines that I really like, and there’s just a strange… familiarity with the things that she says in here. Lot of potential here, but she has to find her own voice. Send her an e-mail or send money ($2 is too much for this black and white tiny thing, but I digress) at: 4832 N. Wolcott, Apt. 1NW Chicago, IL 60640.

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