Cagle, Susie – This Is What Concerns Me


This Is What Concerns Me

If there was a “truth in advertising” award in mini comics. I’d nominate Susie Cagle.  This mini is a collection, of, well, things that concern her.  Yes, it is more interesting than just making a list, as I’m just now starting to get an appreciation for her use of facial expressions, for one thing.  Some things that concern her (without giving too much away) are: smelling like San Francisco, high heels for babies, Obamania, and crackling knees.  Those are from her short lists.  The longer pieces in here include the ordeal vegans must go through to get groceries, Susie slipping on what I’m sure she hoped was a banana peel, surveillance cameras in her neighborhood, and a possible undercover police station.  So let’s see, in this comic you have your funny, your excellent art (OK, some of the poses looked a little odd, but the facial expressions more than make up for it), and your few things that you didn’t know about before opening the comic.  What more could you ask for for $2?

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