Cater, Donovan – Ploy: Rags (with TP Whited)


Ploy:Rags (with TP Whited) Now Available!$1.50

Whatever happened to all the comics with a ton of text and static art? Seemed like there were a lot of them back in the day (or maybe I was just reading a lot of them along with Cerebus before that one ran off the rails). Well, whatever the case, that’s what you have here, as TP Whited has crafted a pretty interesting shortie about a corrupt, broken-down journalist who gets a story that would ruin the career of a young FBI agent. He doesn’t exactly work for a reputable newspaper, so they love the story, but he soon gets more information that tells him that this FBI agent may also be an anarchistic plant, which leads to a bit of soul searching before things get really interesting. Hey, I already told you more of the plot than I usually do, what do you want from me? Anyway, it all works, from the blank-faced, hopeless newsmen to the wonders of this prose. Good stuff all around, I hope TP tries this format for a few more comics…

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