Church, Dick – Mung #2


Mung #2 Now Available! $2

Plenty of stuff to like about this one. I have mentioned before that just about all the “funny” comics need is to be funny, right? Good. Things that I liked about this: an inventor cow saying “mooooureka” (just say it out loud, it’s fun), “Uneven Boobs Weekly”, the mystery of the ring finger solved, “The Hall of Fallopian Justice”, and the inner dialogue of a man alone in a bar at 1:30am. What I didn’t like was the printing screw-up that repeated four pages, but that’s something easily fixed or, if not, easily ignored. Both of these babies are available here now, so check them out! Or check the contact info up there to send Dick an e-mail and ask him to bribe you with something, I guess it’s up to you…

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