Consiglio, Tony – Double Cross #12



Double Cross #12

Wasn’t this story collected in one his graphic novels?  It seems like I saw this after this comic came out back in 1997.  Well, if it wasn’t it should have been, as this is the essential “Tony working at the deli” comic.  Granted, such a thing would probably not be considered essential by a lot of people, but those are stupid people who have no appreciation for Double Cross and his assorted other comics.  Yes, it’s quite possible that I just called you stupid, and if you took the time to read a few of his comics you might just grudgingly agree with me, before becoming a convert.  The story here is fairly simple: Tony has his day start off with some jerk on the train spilling coffee on him (so he’s going to smell like coffee all day), and is already in a lousy mood when he gets to work.  When he arrives Chris (who he has a serious and obvious crush on) berates him for being late, he is told that he has to wear a hat with a salami on top of it and then the real fun begins: the store opens.  If you’ve ever ordered meat from a deli counter you probably already have had a glimpse of the rampant stupidity of some people, but Tony lays it out in gory detail.  There is also the small matter of somebody stealing money from a register running throughout the story, and the small matter of Tony trying to talk Chris into going out with him.  While it’s not my place to say it, if you were out there hoping for the Double Cross experience, this is the perfect issue to get it.  It’s the size of two minis, so Tony really gets a chance to tell a great story and it’s a damned near perfect “day in the life” comic.  I don’t know if these are available anywhere, but they damned well should be.


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