Coon, Jim – Dead End #13


Dead End #13

There’s not much to say about a comic that’s mostly an 8 page long fight scene, but I’m sure I can find a thing or two to bitch about/praise. For one thing, there’s not much point in having a character with blue skin in a black and white comic, unless it’s absolutely essential, and I can’t say that it isn’t after only reading one issue. Too much explaining every issue, you’re bound to bore even your faithful fans with reading that every time. Also the art was great, but it looked either shrunk down or just smashed into the page. He should really consider a larger format, or maybe just more pages with larger panels. The story here isn’t much, as the main character is wondering about his mother, who he had previously believed to be dead, before he is attacked by some racists (I think). Then the superhero action started (no, the blue guy isn’t a superhero) and it started to get a bit silly but, as I said, this is all my impression from one tiny issue. It might get interesting or it might get cheesy, but kudos to Jim for making it to #13 regardless. Check out the website, I’m sure there’s more info to be had there.

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