Coon, Jim – Tail of the Samurai Cat


Tail of the Samurai Cat

Well, when all is said and done, this comic at least has the honor of having the best reaction from a character after being cut in half. No, I’m not going to say what it was (as this is an 8 page shortie and I’m not going to post the best line from it), but trust me on this one. Other than that, this is the story of a samurai cat who’s seeking revenge after somebody else put a price on his head. Not sure why he was out on a revenge quest BEFORE said villain killed his wife and kids, but really it’s just a perfunctory set-up for some samurai mayhem. I don’t think this has much of a long term future as a series, as the cat meets up with his nemesis at the end of the first issue, but who knows? This was an OK issue overall, but it’s entirely possible that the novelty of a fat cat samurai could wear thin quickly. I’m guessing this is a $1…

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