Corman, Leela – Subway Series


Subway Series

Here’s another one from the long list of names that I was supposed to check out years ago. As far as I can tell from the legal stuff in the front this is a book of entirely new material. It’s slice-of-life type stuff, the story of a girl who’s trying to live her life while being pursued by two different boys. Yes, that’s as vague as I can be and nothing in this is anywhere near as simple as that, but thanks to the wonders of the internet this book is at your fingertips. Ain’t life grand? I thought this book was great. Liked the art. loved the dialogue, thought she did a really great job of capturing the confusion of dealing with members of the opposite sex who also happen to be dating other people while chasing you. This is the first thing I’ve seen from her, like I said, but I’d like to see more. The ending was kind of abrupt, I guess, unless you stop to consider that that’s how these things usually end. Anyway, it’s big, it’s $10, and it’s well worth a look.

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