Corrigan, Nate – Nate Corrigan’s Gumshoe Sketchbook #3


Nate Corrigan’s Gumshoe Sketchbook #3

Number 3 in a series of sketchbooks� As a general rule, it’s best to have more comics available than sketchbooks. Granted, this is based on my limited knowledge of the man and I’m probably completely wrong about the amount of work he’s produced, but that’s a lesson for everybody out there. Free of charge! Anyway, this one is mostly about detectives and hobos, although there’s also dinosaurs, cowboys, indians, a ninja meatball, and a giant carrot attacking the starship Enterprise. As always, sketchbooks are mostly for people who are already fans of a certain artist, and you’d certainly have a lot more fun with the comic posted above this one. If you’re already a fan, there are certainly plenty of creepy/odd images in here to keep you entertained… $.50

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