Crane, Jordan – Col-Dee



OK, I just have to ask: what happened to the cat? Seriously, was that part of the story just forgotten about or are we supposed to assume the worst? Oh, sorry, I kind of started in the middle. Anything he does is going to be compared to The Last Lonely Saturday in my book, and this both falls short of that book and improves on it by leaps and bounds. The subtle human interactions, like the bit with the Mom trying to get a job, are incredibly accurate and poignant. The ability of the the child to believe in magic so easily was also brilliant. It’s just… I don’t know, maybe it is just about the cat. See, there’s this sick cat in the book, and it’s a big deal, and it’s just kind of left hanging, unless I missed it. I don’t think so, because I scoured the book when I was done to see if a couple of pages stuck together or something, but no such luck. The bottom line is that it’s a good book, well worth a read for a wide variety of reasons. I just don’t like having important things left over to worry about…

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