Craw, Jamie – Class War Drop Out


Class War Drop Out

This submission from Jamie was a first for me. I’ve gotten plenty of comics in all shapes and sizes, but nobody had ever sent me an unstapled stack of their work on various stories before. As such, I wasn’t sure what to call the one I reviewed, but does anybody even use the “Title Index” page? I doubt it, so all that really matters is the artist and his work. The samples he sent me ranged from goofy to funny to creepy to gross to mediocre, but it was all held together by one thing: his fantastically expressive art. Every page is busy. All kinds of stuff to see in the backgrounds, which is the sign of an artist who really cares about putting the most into his work. He’s also looking to get in on some anthologies, so if anybody is out there reading this who’s putting one together they might want to e-mail him. Anyway, this story is a convoluted tale of popularity, pigs and Napolean. I’ll say no more as I’m sure this’ll be in print soon or you could probably let Jamie know that you’d like a copy of it for a certain amount of dollars (it didn’t say how much but I’m sure he’d respond to an e-mail). Funny, wildly inventive stuff, mostly, and worth checking out. The tiny criticism I have, and I have this with a lot of comics, is to watch the grammar and spelling. A minor thing, granted, but why draw attention away from the story with something that is easily fixed? And it’s not like there was a bunch of it, I’m just picky and feel obligated to say something negative here.

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