Crum, Kel – Ed Thud #2


Ed Thud #2

There are a zillion average mini comics in the world, and this is one of them. The high points aren’t too high, the low points aren’t too low, it’s just… there. It is kind of cute at times, and there are some inventive moments. Hey, maybe I’m in a crappy mood and unaware of it, who knows? That’ll teach you to listen to a word I say. Anyway, there are a few stories in here. One deals with Ed trying to get people to stop sucking on bamboo sticks, one is about Dr. Kevorkian and the hi-larious plight of assisted suicide, and the last one is Ed’s no-nonsense approach to picking up a woman in a bar. The suicide machine is kind of clever, and the part with the woman in the bar is kind of funny. Hey, what do you want from me? It’s so-so. E-mail him to see what else he has around (I read a couple of his other books and they were equally so-so) or just mail him a dollar or so per book at: 32 W Goodman Apt. 23 Fairborn, OH 45324.

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