Crum, Kel – Sanity Impaired Cat


Sanity Impaired Cat

For the more literate comics folk out there, this mini is a parody of the old Krazy Kat comics (and by old I mean the turn of last century). These are widely considered some of the best comics ever done and are an inspiration for pretty much every comics person you can think of… and I haven’t read them. I know, every little bit of comics street cred I might have built up over the last 5 years just went flying out the window, but I thought it important to mention the fact that I don’t have enough exposure to Krazy Kat to do an informed review of a parody/tribute to said book. That being said, when has that ever stopped me? The look of this book is eerily similar to the older stuff, and there’s a large cast of characters that I’ll bet parody the original group. There are modern references in here but they still speak in old timey talk and this is just hopeless. Look, I enjoyed it with only a bare knowledge of the source material, I’ll bet you’d get a lot more out of it if you knew the original stuff. If you liked the old strip this is only a buck, so judge for yourself. Then post up a reader review so we can get an informed opinion on this one… $1

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