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I do love the random mini comics, and this one is from New Mexico. You know, I should probably get one of those big maps of the US ala The Colbert Report to keep track of what parts of the country exactly I’ve covered at least a little bit here. Anyway, this one is about a band on tour, mostly dealing with one stop along the way. At this stop is a woman who was a former girlfriend (?) of Webb, but things ended badly, so he’s more than a little conflicted about seeing her again. The relationship itself is left more of less to our imaginations, other than the fact that at least one of his bandmates thinks she’s a tramp. It’s a slow moody little comic and a damned good first effort (if that’s what it is). A few problems with spelling and “your” instead of “you’re”, things that are all over the place in the comics world but still bug me every time, but very minor things. Worth a look overall, nothing to necessarily set the world on fire but it shows a lot of promise for future work. $2

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