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I Walked With Robot Monster

Is itpossible for something to be a seamless hodgepodge? This comic has all sorts of unrelated one page stories, yet the ongoing story that weaves through the comic (that of a band trying to get their act together and one member snapping and losing his temper with another member) holds the whole thing together beautifully somehow. His art has grown on me in these two issues too. There’s a smudgy chaos there at times to a casual observer, but a closer look is rewarded with some serious detail. The shorties in here include the Challenger blowing up way back when, Halloween 1985, an overheard conversation about marriage, the Day of the Dead (not the movie) and a completely random fight scene in the end that breaks down in tears. The ending was a bit confusing to me, but everything else, with the exception of the grammatical problems I mentioned in the last issue, held together more than well enough to make up for it.

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