Darcy, Dame – Meatcake #9


Meatcake #9

Have you ever gone through some old comics, come across something you loved back when you got it and are surprised to see that that’s the only issue you bought? Well, join the club. I remember getting this one for the Alan Moore story, but it’s probably the weakest thing in the issue, and it’s a pretty damned good story. I know I didn’t see this one on the shelves ever, but I certainly sought out stuff that was harder to find than this. Whatever, put it right up there towards the top of the list of stuff I’ll get as soon as humanly possible. So, what about the comic? Well, the story written by Alan Moore is all about Wellington, a little orphaned girl, and what happens throughout her life. He fits with Dame better than anybody, except maybe Eddie Campbell. Then there’s a story about two friends who rob a couple of graves for cool party dresses and the consequences of their actions. Throw in a couple of shorties and a ballad from 1600’s England and you have one great comic. I guess I can’t say for sure that all of her stuff is this good, but I’ve always liked her work in anthologies and I could honestly lose myself in her art even if she couldn’t write herself out of a paper bag. Not sure how she’d find herself in a paper bag, exactly, but she doesn’t have to worry about it as she’s much too good of a writer to ever find herself in that predicament. One of the things that amazes me when people write me is that they spend so much time on this site when I link the websites of everybody that I can. Now those are some pages. Here’s the Dame Darcy page, and good luck not getting lost there for a while. Pardon the first scan, but it’s such an incredible page that I figured it was worth the eye strain.

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